Within Temptation – Birmingham O2 Academy – My thoughts

I went along to the O2 Academy in Birmingham to see Within Temptation last Friday. Originally, I planned to see them in Brixton but something else had already come up for that day; I wouldn’t have been able to make it. It’d been a while since I’d seen a band at an O2 venue. I was visiting my parents over the weekend, plus I lucked out and managed to buy a ticket at Viagogo that morning.

The support band…

The support band, Ego Kill Talent, weren’t bad. I didn’t really think they were relevant to the main event as such though. They had a proggy vibe which generally isn’t my thing. It wasn’t really the kind of band I was expecting to see to get me in the mood for a band like Within Temptation. One problem I had (and I don’t think this was necessarily their fault) was that their microphones were poor and it was difficult to hear the vocals properly. On the positive side they had a reasonable stage presence and tried to involve the crowd a little. I rate them a 6/10 – not the worst support band ever but not particularly memorable either.

The main event…

The band came on and played three new songs in a row. This left the atmosphere feeling a little flat in my opinion.  They only played one song from Hydra (which I thought was a crappy album), but they did play some older stuff which I enjoyed. I will say that the set was a little on the short side though and lacked a few classics. One thing they did which I don’t remember them doing before was to run some animated elements on a big screen at the back of the stage. I thought this added a lot of depth to the show. I have to say I teared up a little during Forgiven (I had stuff on my mind that night – I don’t normally do this, ever).

In terms of the effects, it was good, but I’ve seen them play better sets before. Expecting the crowd to listen to three new songs before a familiar one was too much in my humble opinion. Maybe a better balance was needed in that respect. Overall, it was great to see them live again. All in all, I give them a solid 7.5/10.

Summing up…

On the whole it was very enjoyable. The weather sucked when I was waiting in the queue. One thing I’ll say is, don’t use the NCP car park behind the venue if you want to get away quickly. You’ll be stuck on it for around an hour. I didn’t get away until around 11:30. Also, get a burner O2 SIM and put it in your phone; I always used to do that to access the Priority entrance.

I’d post some pictures but my phone decided to shit itself and lose the few I took. It’s a shame really.

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