Sailing By…

After I got home from the pub this evening, I happened to notice that the film “I, Daniel Blake” was on the television. The main character’s wife (who had passed away) had taped “Sailing By” off of BBC Radio 4. He often played that song so as to remind himself of his time with her:

It’s interesting in a sense. I’ve always thought of “Sailing By” as the insomniacs’ national anthem. It’s a song I’ve associated with working through the night, getting home late from wherever I’ve been and with being on the motorway at quarter to one in the morning – still over a hundred miles from my destination. In and of itself, “Sailing By” takes you on a journey. It leads you into a mental journey around Britain, to some of the country’s most remote locations. Most music these days is terrible because it doesn’t inspire any kind of thought – basically, because of the fact that dross sells. I’ve always loved songs that take me on a mental journey; since I’ve been to many of the forecast locations, it’s fun to remember them.

I’m just rambling at this point, so it’s probably best if I stop. Work starts again properly in a couple of days and I have a lot to share with you all.

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